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SWS WEBSITE SOLUTIONS (SWS) (, “SWS”, “we”, “us”, or “our”) is very excited to be a part of your (“you”, “your” all in reference to the legal entity being traded with and any agents used to represent the business including contractors) business journey at this moment. We are a UK based company with a mission to empower businesses to share their excitement with the world through an online presence. Towards our mission we are driven to provide you with a product and service that adds value to you, your team and the customer. Our commitment is reflected and detailed in the Terms and Conditions set out below. We encourage you to read these terms as agreeing to these is a prerequisite to using any of our products or services including this website. By engaging with us through this website and other online mediums you are denoting your agreement to our Terms. These include both those disclosed now and what they might be become in the future. 

If at any time there is anything you are unsure of or would like to discuss please reach out to us at contact@sws-websites.co.uk with the subject line “Terms and Conditions”.

Please note: the headings to follow have been selected to ease your reading and uptake of the terms and conditions set out. These will in no way be given any legal importance.


To enable us to share our products and services with you and serve our overarching mission we must engage with you via our website and social media online. Here, we require you to meet certain requirements – being over the age of 18 and legally authorised to represent your entity is first and foremost. Beyond that  – no viruses, unsociable behaviour, or the violation of any laws is permitted. If we for any reason believe an individual or a group to be of malintent then custom will be refused without further justification required.

Though we are all about sharing our products and services with you. You are not permitted to manipulate core aspects of our product or service without first obtaining written consent from us. This is for the maintenance of security and updates for subscription based clients.


Our business is heavily client based and bespoke in nature – hence, it is expected that supplemental terms are formed as part of our agreements. Any business conducted is contingent upon the agreement to all terms and conditions.


As a part of our services we offer IT support for our clients. This is provided at an additional fee. Terms associated with this will be outlined in a supplemental terms document drafted and shared on a case per case basis.


We are fully committed to our mission to empower businesses to create an online presence that reflect their core. Towards, that we are always looking for ways to best utilise technology to serve our customers. This may mean voluntary involvement in beta roll outs of IT products and services. Being in beta stage precludes these services from any warranties disclosed herein.


Through our communication we request that the information you share is genuine and true. Moreover, we ask that you understand that this information may at times include sensitive information including payment details. In these cases, this information may be shared with trusted industry partners for us to offer our services. Varying levels of encryption will be encountered in our services. In all our interactions we are committed to the agreed industry standards. However, in the case of a breach or any damage or loss caused we take no liability. We ask that you take caution in securing your information and that you avoid disclosing personal information to others.


As is business protocol all work is carried out in accordance to a SoW document. This document discloses the products and services that will be developed for your business for which payment is required. Works conducted by SWS will be solely based on this document. Further, the SoW holds reference to dates of completion. Though we endeavour to uphold these dates these are to be viewed as mere approximations. To ensure a seamless execution we expect the following to be upheld: you are to keep appropriate lines of communication open throughout development as to not delay any progress. Moreover, we expect that you respond to our communications in an efficient manner towards the completion of the work. This involves providing us with appropriate and true direction, authorisation and materials as is required. Beyond that, it is your obligation to ensure the legality of all interactions with us.


Things change sometimes, we understand. In these cases, any changes must be recognised by being added to the SoW. In some cases, these may incur an additional fee. In the event that changes come from us these will be committed such that the core aspect, deadline and cost of the project remain intact.


We are committed to ensuring that you receive a product or service that enhances your business. However, if we are stopped from working towards completion by you or your representatives additional fees and losses may result.


We request that all payments made by you cover the associated taxes. We will authorise your payment details which may including sharing your data with our third party payment processor. We will bill you in GBP and are currently exclusively trading in the UK. In the case of changes or expiration of cards we reserve the right to amend your details and collect payment accordingly. You agree to be bound to cover all payments owed including if the cost of legal fees and costs in cases where that is required. An interest of 1.5% will be added to any payments missed by five days. Further, until full payment is received we reserve the right to halt our services. All payments made are non cancellable and non refundable.


This site contains material owned by us and by third parties. All material is protected under copyright laws and any infringements will be dealt with accordingly. You must immediately halt any unlawful activity and destroy all related content. Any use of content herein will require written consent. Any public uploads or posts made by you on our website will be freely used by us as these will in fact be public. Further to this point, we urge you to refrain from emailing any information that is confidential. Any email correspondence, including, but in no way limited to, communications providing feedback, questions and the like can be used by us freely. Beyond this, it is considered your responsibility to ensure the accuracy and legality of your interactions. Moreover, that all interactions meet our community guidelines to not be malicious.


You fully own all your data and as part of your agreement you grant SWS full nonexclusive usage of data. This will be used to enhance and optimise your services and experiences. For more on how your data is used please refer to our Privacy Policy.


Your safety, security and the accuracy of our interactions is of foremost importance. However, we cannot guarantee by any means the constant operability of our service, the architecture in which that service resides or any quality otherwise derived. As a result we disclaim any and all warranties as is permitted by the law. Moreover, we reserve the right to make any changes to our service and site as we see fit. This for instance includes making changes to our prices. Further, you understand and consent to the website and content being provided on a “as is” and “as available” state and thus come without any warranties.


As part of your use of our product and service you agree to full indemnification, to defend and to hold SWS harmless against all claims, charges and related expenses.


The terms detailed herein are in accordance with UK laws without regard to its conflict of law provisions. Failure on our part to enforce any right or provision of the terms will not be taken as a waiver of said rights. In the case that provisions of these terms is determined to be invalid or unenforceable by a court of law, the remaining provisions will still stand. These terms form the entire agreements between us regarding our service and take precedence over any prior agreements. Please see the our privacy policy in which we reserve all rights to make changes.


We may refer to third party sites on our website. In that case, we hold no liability to the experiences met in those instances. This holds true for software systems, services and products used. We urge you to take measures to ensure your own safety online and ensue all liability to be your own. Should you have any queries regarding third parties these should be directed at the respective parties.


We reserve the right to terminate any part of our agreement as we see fit in line with UK laws.

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